Smart4house® is a family of detectors designed primarily for monitoring and control of buildings. The detectors are manufactured in two variants: for battery supply, or 5VDC using external source with USB connector and for supply from 12-24 AC/DC distribution. The data from detectors, after securing, is transmitted to the cloud database. The data transmission from the detector for the cloud takes place using the local WiFi transmission in the 2.4GHz range and through the local AP/router. The user, with the application for the appropriate detector installed in his/her smartphone or tablet, is then informed about the detector's status change or exceeding of the set limits. The detector also regularly transmit information about its status in an interval of 4 hours to check the functionality and connection. Using the application in the smartphone/tablet, the user can verify the status and history of the detector any time or recall a chart. During the installation of the detector it is possible to set the service for dispatch of e-mails in case of exceeding of limit conditions.

Several detectors of the same type can be installed in one application in a smartphone/tablet. The information about the detector's status can be sent to several smartphones/tablets.

The applications for smartphones and tablets are available for devices using iOS and Android as well.

Was launched presale of new product S4H-TMC-00. Thermometer with extended range, new application and a separate cloud designed especially for applications with a need to record and evaluate the record
Our products family gets a completely new dimension. It was launched portal application IF-THEN,which allows you to create simple conditions and on its creat interaction between sensors and wifi-relay
New LED bulbs technology.
Smart4House® has a new family member. It is the temperature sensor.