Cloud application

You can monitor the history of your sensor states and Wi-Fi relays in the Smart4House portal ( ) .

The portal now contains a new feature you can use to connect other sensors to a relay and to create conditions that, based on the evaluation results, change the relay switching state. This addition enables you to achieve your Smart4House sensors maximum potential and enhance their functionality.

Conditions can be easily arranged into strings and you can use them to evaluate one or more states and, when the conditions are met, use them to switch a relay on. You can add a Smart4House device to the list in the portal using the MAC address and name you use in the application. Subsequently, you just select combinations and conditions for the sensors you selected.

As of now, you can use IF, THEN and AND conditions; however, other types of conditions will soon become available (time, sunrise, sunset, etc.).

DEMO access that will provide you with an option to test how easy it is to set up your conditions will also be available soon.

Example: A Wi-Fi water sensor in your basement monitors water leaks. A Wi-Fi relay is connected to a pump used to drain the water. Add these two devices to the list in the Smart4House portal and create a condition: "If the Water Detection Probe sensor is under water, i.e. the state changes to "Flooded", switch the Wi-Fi relay ON."

Was launched presale of new product S4H-TMC-00. Thermometer with extended range, new application and a separate cloud designed especially for applications with a need to record and evaluate the record
Our products family gets a completely new dimension. It was launched portal application IF-THEN,which allows you to create simple conditions and on its creat interaction between sensors and wifi-relay
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