Universal board adapter

This Universal Board Adapter (UBA) is designed to power and charge smartphones and tablets from dashboard networks. The source is connected to the 10-30 VDC dashboard network via a conventional car connector. A double USB connector serves to connect the smartphones and tablets. The total current capacity of the source is 3A (either 1x iPad + 1x iPhone or 2x iPhone). The UBA is compatible with Apple devices. The source is fitted with two LED controls: a red LED which is located in the connector and indicates supply voltage, and a green LED which is located in the adapter body and indicates output voltage.

The product can be purchased on ebay.com or amazon.de

Manufacturer:SPEL, a.s. Třídvorská 1402, 280 00 Kolín, ČR
Size:56x106x32mm (2.20 x 4.17 x 1.25 inch)
Weight (cable included):135g
Power supply:10-30VDC, current ≤ 2A (12V, 24V, 28V dashboard network)
Cable length:2.5 m
Connection:Universal car connector
Input protection:5A fuse in the connector
Output voltage:5VDC ±5%, total output capacity 3A max
Connection:2x USB ( compatible with Apple products )
Output protection:Electronic
Efficiency:≥ 85%
Indication:Red LED: supply voltage, green LED: output voltage
Operating temperature:0°C - 45°C
Use:Indoors only
Type of operation:Permanent
Note: If your iPhone or iPad fails to be charged due to a too low temperature, disconnect the instrument and reconnect it at a higher temperature.
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