Guard against drips, leaks, and flooding.  Protect against potential mold and damage. The Smart4House® Water Leak Alarm alerts you before a disaster happens.  Compact design and wired sensor probes allow for optimal positioning in difficult to reach areas.

The sensor's probe is located in a space that can be flooded with water. The flooded condition is signaled acoustically, optically and by a relay output of the sensor, which can be used to control other equipment.

High-Risk Areas for Monitoring

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Utility rooms

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WLA-00, detector standard probe: Power 2 batteries LR6-size AA / USB micro 5VDC
WLA-04, detector universal probe: Power 2 batteries LR6-size AA / USB micro 5VDC
Manufacturer:SPEL, a.s. Třídvorská 1402, 280 00 Kolín, Czech Republic
Dimensions:90x103x21mm (3.54x4.06x0.82 inch)
Sensor weight:130 g (4.6 oz) inc. batteries
Probe cable length:2 m (6.56 ft)
Power supply:2 pc. alkaline batteries LR6 – AA size / USB Micro B – 5VDC
Battery life:approx. 1 year
Relay contacts rating:24 V AC/DC max. 1 A
Acoustic power:80 dB/0.1 m
Operating temperature:Temperature: 0 - 40°C, 32 - 104°F
Use:designed for indoor use only
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What is the water leak detector designed for?

The water leak detector is designed to detect water (leaking water pipes, leaking washing machine, rain storm, basement flooding, sump pump etc.). The detector is not designed for security applications.


Probe installation?

Both pins of the probe must be above the monitored water level.  The probe may be securely mounted to a structure.  It is important the contacts remain above the monitored surface.


How long can the detector operate on a set of batteries?

Up to 12 months. Low battery is indicated by flashing of the red LED.


It is possible to connect voltage 230V on relay contacts?

NO! The relay contacts may be connected only in circuits with low safe voltage PELV or SELV. Connecting other than safe voltage is prohibited. Risk of electric shock!


Water leak universal probe S4H-WLDS-04

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